ICCI Queensland has shown a remarkable “can do” attitude that has contributed to its growth and positioning within the wider business community making it the most pro-active international Chamber of Commerce in Queensland. Through our vast network, we can help your company penetrate the Italian, Australian and world markets by identifying potential counterparts willing to establish mutually beneficial relations with you. 

Federica Marinatto, Secretary General & CEO

Secretary General Federica Marinatto was born in Udine, Italy. She graduated from Liceo Scientifico G. Marinelli in Udine in 2002, and from the Università degli Studi di Trieste with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Economics and Management in 2006. Her dynamic nature kept her busy working in hospitality for the whole duration of her higher education. She remained at the Università degli Studi di Trieste and completed her Master of Environmental Economics in 2012 with the highest mark, while working in administration for the whole time.

After finishing her education, Federica decided to start a new chapter in her life and explore a different culture, in a different country. She moved to Australia for an experience that completely changed her life. Her three months’ experience at a permaculture farm in the Atherton Tablelands enriched her cultural knowledge about the indigenous community and also fostered her interest in a balanced lifestyle, thanks to the time she spent in a beautiful natural environment and learning meditation in North Queensland.

Soon after her work on the farm and for most of her time in Australia she worked in hospitality, while graduating with a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality in Brisbane. After completing her studies as one of the best students, she was given the opportunity to work as a full-time administrative officer at the college where she studied. She applied her skills in administration, marketing and compliance with great competence. Eager to learn about and belong to the Italian Community of Brisbane, Federica joined the Fogolar Furlan Association which she now supports as a volunteer – an involvement that developed in her the desire to be a bridge between Italy and Australia.

After meeting Commendatore the Hon Santo Santoro, the then President of ICCI Qld, this became an achievable goal when she was offered the position of Secretary General. Federica feels grateful for being provided with the opportunity to serve the Italian community and apply the skills gained through her educational and work experience. In her free time, Federica loves reading about self-development and practises yoga.


ICCI Qld regularly sources Italian students from a number of Italian Universities with whom we have an agreement.
These students not only learn invaluable skills but also have the opportunity to gain experience in an organisation which fosters business relationships between Italy and Australia. This also enables ICCI Qld to have support in the operations of  the Chamber.