Lowell, specialising in clocks since 1972. Our company produce traditional wall clockcs, table clocks, grandfather clocks, wall clocks with pendulum and Westminister Chime. These items are totally made in Italy with the exception of the movements, that come from Germany. Our main market is the domestic one where we operate through a network of sailes agents and direct retailers. We also distribute our products on the international market through selected distributors in several countries. We would like to make a contact with you in order to evaluate the possibility of distributing the totally or a part of our products in Australia. In the main time, should you be interested in going deeper  into this opportunity and assess the many ways in which we could cooperate, please don’t esitate to call us.www.lowell.it/english/about-us

The Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico has allocated 5 million Euros within the Fondo per la Crescita Sostenibile (FCS) to support transnational projects for industrial innovation applying in every field of the Biotechnologies. The deadline for submitting the project is 31 January 2014.  The Call for proposal aims at sustaining experimental development and industrial research carried out by Italian companies in collaboration with foreign companies. The Call for proposal was released in line with the EuroTransBio initiative. A minimum of 2 companies of different nationalities need to apply in the same project in order to be eligible.  For further information, please refer to the MiSE website www.sviluppoeconomico.gov.it

The APSA are the region’s highst accolade in film and were established in 2007 as an initiative of the Queensland Government with the goal of promoting the diversity of cultural expression. In just six years, the Asian Pacific Screen Awards have developed a prestigious reputation across the region and added international substance to Australia’s event calendar, providing the opportunity to bring Asia Pacific’s most celebrated filmmakers and celebrities to Australia’s shores.

This event is the proof that the city of Brisbane is an excellent place to invest, especially for its position in the Pacific Area so much that we called Brisbane the Australia’s New World City; in particular during the period of APSA a lot of high profile rapresentatives of film, politic and industry from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India and Korea will partecipate at the pre-post parties and also at the red carpet ceremony on December 12.

Finally, you may also be aware that Brisbane Marketing is engaged in a number of others events and opportunities, which are designed to grow our economy and promote our region to a wider audience: these are:

  • Asia Pacific Triennal of Contemporary Art, which this year celebrated its 7th edition and 21st year and attracted more than 500,000 visitors including about 73,000 visitors from overseas
  • Founder and secretariat of the Asia Pacific Cities Summit and host city in 2007, 2011 and 2015 for an event which now attracts official from more than 1000 cities
  • Presenter of highly anticipated Cai Guo-Qing: Falling back to earth exibition from November 23 2013 to May 11 2014, which includes two works commisioned by Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art

For further information please visit:

Matching is an excellent opportunity to develop business relationships.

From 25 to 27 November 2013 in the traditional frame in Rho (MI), will host the ninth edition of Matching.

Matching is based on the scheduling of meetings between participants.

Companies participating in the event describe the portal www.e-matching.it their business and their needs, products, services and benefits of their offerings. The Match is a unique opportunity for the entrepreneur to select new suppliers and potential clients know, look at markets, internationalize your business, to innovate. In the heritage that characterizes Italian companies, which is the small size integrated into a network, the Match is an opportunity to further build the network between business and make it the key to success in overcoming the crisis. Matching allows you to meet international buyers and companies from 40 countries selected, invited and hosted in Milan thanks to the contribution and experience of the National Institute for Foreign Trade and its agencies in the world, with which it has worked for many CDO years.

Sector: Handicrafts 

Expity Date: 30 October 2013 for (PREMIUM PRICE) or 30 November 2013 (LATE PRICE)

The ICCI Qld is currently recruiting companies interested in taking part to the International Handicrafts Trade Fair that will take place in Florence on 24 April – 1 May 2014.

Hosted every year since 1931, this trade fair presents important master craftsmen inside a privileged space, where tradition and innovation merge to create extremely valuable handmade products.

The International Handicrafs Trade Fair established itself as a unique meeting point for producers, sellers, consumers and passionate this trade fair features clothing and accessories, furniture and furnishing accessories, jewellery, silverware, collectibles, wine and food.

Competitive rates are available for early birds exhibitors and visitor bookings. Contact the Chamber for further information on costs and logistics for exhibitors at info@icci.com.au or contact us on +61 7 3392 2499.

Sector: Wood Furniture

Expiry Date: 30 September 2013

FederLegnoArredo, an association dedicated to wooden furniture, is taking action for the upcoming “Forum for innovation of Wooden-Furniture”. Its mission is to promote the Call for Ideas, an initiative that aims to locate innovative relevant projects in this specific sector. This event will take place the 21th of November 2013 at Bergamo Kilometro Rosso. The most interesting proposals will be exposed to the forum companies (the forum has indeed the objective of promoting developing solutions for wood furniture businesses) and it will also be advertised on FederLegnoArredo website.

To apply or for any further information, visit the link to Officine Italiane per l’Innovazione who is promoting the Call for Ideas.

Consulate news

We would like to advise you of the recent public announcement made by the Italian Consulate regarding a position available within their office.

In this page you will find the latest business opportunities relating to Italy and Australia. Should you be interested in any of them, please do not hesitate to contact the Chamber at info@icci.com.au.

Officine Italiane innovazione matching 2013

At the end of November MATCHING is the largest event of its business community in the country. Our Workshops will be there with a chance to meet everyone. On the second day we look forward to a workshop not to be missed.