Italian cuisine has developed through centuries of cultural, social and political changes, with roots as far back as the 4th century BC.  Italians’ natural tendency to foster relationships and quality of life elevated the “cultura della tavola” to an art form, whose distinguishing features are quality and authenticity.  Today food constitutes a major pillar of the Italian culture, a heritage to be safeguarded and recognized against any type of alteration and falsification.

For this purpose Unioncamere (Union of Italian Chambers), Assocamerestero (Union of Chambers abraod) and ISNART (Istituto Nazionale Ricerche Turistiche) created “Ospitalita’ Italiana –  Ristoranti nel Mondo”, a certification conferred to quality Italian Restaurants all over the world.

This year the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland is involved in the the selection process of eligible restaurants servicing authentic Italian cuisine in Queensland. Eligible restaurants will be selected, verified by ICCI personnel and nominated through an application process. Certified restaurants will be awarded a Certificate and a Ospitalita’ Italiana plaque as well as receiving visibility on a global scale including Ospitalita’ Italiana website.

Project Objectives

  • To promote Italian food products and culinary culture;
  • To foster the image of Italian restaurants abroad that guarantee high quality standards;
  • To develop a world wide network that advocates Italian excellence cuisine.

 10 Eligibility Criteria

1. Italian distinctiveness and identity
2. Hospitality
3. Mise en place (glasses, table cover, plates)
4. Kitchen
5. Menu
6. Food Offer (at least 50% of recipe to be of clear Italian descent)
7. Wine List (at least 5 Italian wines)
8. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
9. Proved Experience and Skills in Italian cuisine
10. DOP or IGP products (certified Italian products)

Download the Restaurant ‘s Application material:

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