The Chambers are part of a worldwide network which is present in 58 countries with 81 Italian Chambers abroad, 160 branches, 20,000 members worldwide, creating a database of approx. 300,000 contacts which are all accessible through our offices. The Chambers are bodies which are recognised by the Italian Government under Law no. 518 of the 1st of July 1970. All the Italian Chambers are part of Assocamerestero, a central body of Chambers Abroad which is based in Rome. The operations of Assocamerestero are subsidised by Unioncamere, an association of another 82 Chambers of Commerce based in Italy therefore creating a massive network of 163 Italian Chambers which all operate independently but at the same time collaborate to facilitate and promote trade and exchanges on a national and international level. The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is your proactive link between the entire Queensland business market and Italy and the rest of the world!